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Harold "Buddy" Walker

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05/26/14 10:54 AM #1    

Ellen Everett (Warren)

My friendship with Buddy began in childhood.  We were in fifth grade together at Big Picadome, and Mrs. Cox was our teacher.  Our class was the middle room of the quonset hut.  Walter Bowman, Linda Richard, Wanda Freeman, and Jim Martin were among our classmates that year. I will look for the class photo taken in front of the main building and post it. Buddy and I lived at opposite ends of Goodrich Avenue, off South Lime, near Southland Drive, and we played together with other neighborhood kids.  In our early 20's, we dated for a few months.  He had a kind heart and gentle spirit. Ellie Everett Warren (Ellen)

05/27/14 01:49 PM #2    

Sidney Haney

Buddy was a fun guy!! I went to spring break n Florida with Buddy, his brother, Eddiy Harris and Curtis Herring. That was a great time!!

07/14/14 05:18 PM #3    

Fred Baumann '63

From birth to 11 years old I lived 4 doors up from the Walkers on Goodrich Ave, in Lexington, since their house and the Pelfreys house backed up to the creek, I spent a lot of time down there.  The Walker's and the Pelfrey's houses are now gone.......flood plaine.  Sad to hear that Buddy has passed away.

06/17/19 09:44 PM #4    

David Evans

165 Goodrich Av., my chilhood home was right in the middle of the 'Circle" better known as the football/baseball field, and where 'Freddy' would sing "You Ain't But a Houno Dog"/ Absolutely the best place to grow up in the early 1950/s Charlie and Robbie Trimble were 2 doors away. David Prather lived next to Bob Pelpheey and Buddy and 't' (Artheru) Walker, and Freddies house a couple door from there. You NEVER had a worry of finding someone to play with, you just opened the front door. My sisters were Janet and Harriet and when they werent picking me uo from falling on the roller skates they were picking me up from wrecking Buddy's bike, it was snall and just perfect for falling. I Love this time in  my life and i know that someday all of us will remineisce about our great days together.

06/18/19 10:28 AM #5    

Bob Pelfrey

For about 11 years, Buddy and his older brother "T" lived next door to me on Pennsacola Dr. Our families constantly went back and forth with cookouts, garden parties, card playing ... great memories. I had lost track of Buddy over the years. Sorry to hear of his passing. David Evans is right. The "circle" was the meeting place for all the neighborhood kids. We'd meet there and play till dark and sometimes later. It was about the best place I can remember and a great time to be a kid.

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