In Memory


Bob Miles

We lost a great Laf64 General this week, Bob Miles.  Bob passed on July 22 after an extended illness.  He lived in Midland, NC and is sadly missed by his family and many followers on Facebook.  

Bob seemed to keep a sense of humor during the difficult times of his life and "matter of factly" stated his trips in and out of the hospital and to the doctor.  I remember thinking " how can he stand the uncertainty and pain" but Bob persevered and never seemed to give up thinking of the future.

We all loved Bob's affinity for animals and his display of love for the funny videos. God gave us these creatures to help us survive on this earth and Bob loved them all.  It did not matter if they were cats, dogs, squirrels, sheep, racoons, emus or giraffes.  They were all his favorites.

Bob also genuinely enjoyed the Laf64 2014 reunion and it seemed to be one of his favorite memories.  He especially enjoyed a dance with Lynne Scott Kearns and I remember him telling me he hoped he had enough oxygen in his supply to get through the dance.  I was not sure if he was serious, but I kept on eye on him to see if he might neeed any help.

I wish I knew more about his life and family, but I will forward that if I find out.  Bob's services will be held at Crestview Baptist Church in Shelby, NC at 3:00 , Saturday, July 28.

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