We're listening ...

Van and others thought we might canvas your ideas and interests. Even though restaurants, shops and entertainment are within walking distance of our hotel, we wonder if you have special requests. See below.

Please note, Van, Perry and Linda will be the only ones to see your comments; but we will post the collective results. 

Thanks, everyone!  



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1)   Do you want a planned event for Friday night?

Yes No
2)   If Yes to Q1, what do you suggest?

3)   Would you enjoy a planned event for Saturday during the day?

Yes No
4)   If Yes to Q3 please check one of the boxes below.

  Brewery "hop"
  Winery tour
  Alltech distillery tour
  Bourbon trail tour
  Golf outing or similar
  Other - let us know
5)   Please elaborate or let us know your preferences, concerns and the like ...