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Eric "Turk" Evans

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06/26/14 10:49 PM #1    

James McDaniel

One day in Fayette County District Court,   Juvenile Division,  David Vest (The Judge) called a conference at the bench.  The Prosecuting Attorney (Turk Evans),  the Defense Attorney (Jim Ishmel) and myself (Jim McDaniel) the arresting Officer had a Mini-Reunion.  I wonder what the rest of the court thought as we had a private chuckle over that coincidence?  

07/14/14 05:40 PM #2    

Fred Baumann '63

Grew up with Turk.  Our famlies went to the same church, so we saw lot of each other.  Turk was always pushing the envelope on what he could get away with in those early days.  It was shame that his little league coach burned up his pitching arm.  I used to be catcher on our Church softball team, man he could "burn it in there"  He would warm up fast ptiching even though it was a slow pitch league. In his Junior year, my senior year he kicked the extra point that won our Lafayette vs Henry Clay football game 14-13.  In my junior year in college a group of Lafayette guys went to Mardi Gra in New Orleans. Turk was going to Tulane on a football scholarship, Tulane took a week off during Mardi Gra.  Found Turk down in the French Quarter partying in a second floor apartment, spent the afternoon there.  

07/15/14 09:32 PM #3    

Ralph Nollenberger

Tuk had his unique way of "strutting" in early high school. On him it was Cool! As he paced he would raise his forearms an essagerated amount. I tried copying this "strut", marching into the lunch room. A teacher of unknown identity laughed outrageously. Only Turk could carry that move off.

07/27/16 01:11 PM #4    

Philip Marcum

The "In Memory" listing on this website lists Turk Evans among the date of death unknown grouping.  I was recently sorting some files and discovered a newspaper clipping containing the obituary for Turk.  According to the obit, Turk died January 29, 2002 following an extended illness.  He was only 56 years of age.  He is buried in Lexington Cemetery.  I'm guessing that some of our nearby Lexington based classmates attended his funeral.  The obit listed Devert Owens as one of the pallbearers.  I'm not sure how to remedy the website listing, but hopefully someone who reads this has the know how.  Most of the class of 1964 either has or will soon turn 70 this year, a sobering thought indeed.  Those of us still enjoying good health have the luxury of fond memories of those who have passed away.  I remember Turk as an outstanding athelete who could really punt a football.  I also remember a witty guy with a wry sense of humor. 


07/28/16 03:49 PM #5    

Sandra Gano (Hahn)

Phil described Turk Evans' humor as wry!!! I would describe it as well as kind..., I transferred to Lafayette in the 8th grade having already begun my numerous growth spurts...walking into the "huge" cafeteria for the first time was VERY scary for this newby on campus. First week or so I remember being in the lunch line and felt a "presence" behind a sixth sense for taller people..turn around to Turk and of course Mike Buxton almost eye level which he must have been shocked to see!!! I will never forget his face..not knowing him AT ALL yet...he broke into the biggest smile ever and from that moment on...TALL was beautifuI for me!!! think I will always love and remember that moment 'till I see Turk again!!! RIP Bud...

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